What is VPS Hosting?

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting is the most popular type of web hosting. In this type of web hosting, you will get dedicated space on the shared server. In other words, the VPS Hosting provides a fixed amount of resources like RAM, Disk Space. You do not have to share the resources between the websites, unlike Shared hosting.  

You can say that it is mainly both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In VPS hosting you can easily host your website within a virtual server or within multiple servers of networks. VPS hosting is one of the best hostings to host any kind of website. It is a hosting which works in a small type of business to gain flexibility or more traffic. In dedicated VPS you have a complete set of resources that you don’t have to share with anyone. In this, you will get a complete level of storage or space for your website. And in shared VPS hosting you have to share the space or storage within multiples user of server and each user have a right to get his own space or storage. This hosting gives a complete set of resources to everyone as according to you need.

How Does a VPS Work?

As we know that VPS is a hosting server that works on multiple servers of networks. Each of these server users has its own identifications and they are connected with each other. So if any server will lying down to your website the other server will take the great leader of that server and give good access to your website. Each VPS server will run its own software and they work independently.  With the help of VPS, you can run your website according to you and it gives the best kind of applications to you which you can install on your devices.

Do I need a VPS hosting?

As we know that every person who runs his website they always want to gain high traffic and flexibility. So if you also want this then choosing VPS hosting is the best option for you. It clearly improves the performance of your website and the traffic of your website which you have.  With the help of VPS, you can convert your medium website in to large. Those websites who work in E-commerce and high generated traffic is very beneficial through the reliability and flexibility of VPS hosting. VPS hosting is available at cheap prices and thus it is the best option for you if you want to choose the best server hosting for your website. One more thing is if you ever face any kind of problem to host your website on the server of shared then we suggest you use this VPS hosting its best for this kind of problem.

When is the Right Time to Upgrade VPS Hosting From Shared Hosting?


  • IF YOU WILL FACE TOO MUCH DOWNTIME– If your website gets a huge amount of monthly visitors which can not be handle by Shared hosting then you must need to upgrade your VPS Hosting from Shared Hosting. 
  • IF YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR WEBSITE COMMERCIAL– When your website is getting this traffic speed and you think that your site will ready to give some revenue to you at that time you can upgrade VPS hosting on your site.
  • IF YOU WILL FACE SLOW DOWN– One more sign is that when you understand that your website is turning more sluggish and it really impacts on the whole site and the server.
  • IF YOU HAVE USED ALL RESOURCES OF YOUR SERVER– The most basic reason is that when a hosting provider will send a warning message to you that you have used all your resources which of that month which you buy. At that time you have to upgrade shared hosting into VPS hosting.
  • IF YOU WANT TO CREATE YOUR WEBSITE MORE CREATIVE– If you want to make your website more creative like you want to upload heavy multimedia data like videos or heavy images then you will understand that you have to upgrade your server.
  • IF YOU WANT TO ENHANCE YOUR SECURITY– When we talk about security it becomes very important for any website. And when you know that your website is giving revenue to you it means you have to give a complete level of security to your site. And it means you have to take a high-security level by upgrading your server to VPS hosting.

These are some sign that indicates you which is the right time for you for upgrading your shared hosting server into VPS hosting server.

What is the VPS Hosting used for?

VPS is not only used for one work it is that kind of hosting which is used for different work. Here you will get to know how you can use VPS with different types of work on your website.

  • Web Hosting: Web Hosting is the most important part of any website or website owner who wants to run his website on a big platform. VPS provides the best kind of web hosting services to you along with the best kind of resources.
  • Backing up data: VPS helps you to backup all your data of your website in a fast time. So if you have a lot of data and need to backup it then you can go with our VPS hosting.
  • Game server: The use of VPS is best for the people who love PC games. It gives some of the best servers on which you can play different types of games.