VPS Hosting vs. Managed WordPress Hosting

VPS Hosting vs. Managed WordPress Hosting

May 28, 2020 0 By admin


VPS hosting is a type of virtual private server hosting that uses. Although a website was hosted on a physical machine, each website that was VPS allows you to be completely independent of each machine.


How vps works

The easiest way to work is to visualize the apartment analogy using VPS. Each virtual server, or “container”, is like an apartment suite on a machine. You can also install software or machines that affect other containers on someone, such as how you can re-create your own suite without affecting others without having to re-create your own container can begin.

On a shared hosting server, due to website problems, the entire server may be down so all other websites must go down on the server. VPS will not be on machines because only the problematic containers below, but other containers will remain unaffected. Similarly, a shared hosting may prevent all resources of some high traffic websites server environment, thus missing other website on the website. This is because each container will not have VPS machines using only those resources that have been allocated to it.

Why use vps hosting?

VPS is very good because it bridges the gap between well and slips shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. VPS will give you a free dedicated hosting option and flexibility, but at the cost of a shared high-end hosting service.

For users whose websites have expanded their shared hosting service, but they cannot afford a dedicated server the best solution, VPS hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting

 In the past, we have discussed that booking plans are available in various types. A good selection of entry level, for example for shared hosting, is checking servers with many other users. On the other hand, the Private Server (VPS) virtual plan provides its personal space, and with more resources about the server. At the top level, you will find a dedicated hosting which expires but gives your entire physical server to your site.

All so that managed WordPress is hosting? As the name suggests, it runs a system where its provider for its website and server. This means that it will take care of various important tasks, such as updating your site so that you should not do it. Regardless of what is included.


Pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting

The main advantage is that managed hosting, as the management option it hands off. In short, there is also the need for technical information. With your hosting provider assisting you to stay in shape for your site, you can focus on making your attention to content, promoting your business and offers other functions.

Pros of managed WordPress hosting

Managed plans should be seen, there are no criteria for this, and you get a different service provider provider. However, the most successful hosting options are:

  1. Take frequent backups of your site to keep track of updates and secure you.
  2. Scan your site for security threats and react quickly to face any problem.
  3. Optimize your site to appear to go with the flow of all time.
  4. If you are on a VPS hosting or dedicated plan, your server to meet your needs
  5. The proposal staged testing to help you safely change and update.

Cons of managed WordPress hosting

So far, all seems very good, what is the catch that can surprise you. The simple answer is that managed plans are getting more expensive than their unmanaged version. Only a successful plan that will be charged depends on whether you get it going.

While most of an entry level cost or less per month, managed hosting costs $ 5, $ 10 and shared hosting at a lower level than the shared or VPS plan at $ 30 per month.