Should I start for shared hosting or go straight to a VPS?

Should I start for shared hosting or go straight to a VPS?

May 26, 2020 Off By teamcsh

As we know that hosting is the most important part if you want to start or develop your new website. In this post we are going to discuss about that should we start for shared hosting to either we go straight to VPS? Well, if you develop your new startup and looking for hosting then we suggest you to go straight with VPS hosting because it is a hosting which is best for smaller business to long as well.  At that post when you site want to grow it wants more resources and applications which only VPS give to you. VPS hosting is also a better option for you because it is available in best price for you in the company. So that you have a great option to use best hosting services on your website in a least price. VPS is better than shared hosting in every technical way. You will get a best resources which you can used as according to you in VPS hosting. In the very next paragraph of this post you will get to know more differences between VPS hosting and shared hosting.

VPS hosting VS shared hosting

Hosting is like a storage or space which every website wants to run its applications and shared or VPS hosting is the two main types of hosting service which both is best in their work. In shared hosting you have to share all yours resources and server with other users and in VPS hosting you have a complete set of resources but you everything done through a shared environment.


Major differences between VPS hosting shared hosting

  • Allocation of resources: It means how much resources you will have in dedicated server. In shared hosting you have to share all your resources with the other users. It means if a website use some application on high demand then it is affected all other sites also. In VPS server you will get a larger area of best server with limited resources. But in VPS you can install many other software which give a huge access to your website.
  • Customization: Customization is an important part of a website and n this both the server you can easily customize your site. As we know that n shared hosting we have a limited resources, so that you can’t use as per your needs. But in Best VPS hosting you can easily use resources as according to your needs.
  • Security: Security is a big part on every devices which you uses. In shared hosting there is no guarantee of security because you have to share all your resource with other users. So whenever if your server will fall down it will affect all other users. But in VPS hosting there is complete level of security. In this you have to share your sever with the users of only VPs server. So it means every users has an advanced and high level of security.
  • Best performance: The person who run his website he always wants to run his website with best performance. Research says a good performing website can be easily open in 2 or 3 seconds. Shared hosting is good for small business or simple websites and it is easily increase the performance of any kind of small and simple website. It will immediately get a traffic and increase the efficiency and accuracy of your website. And in VPS sever you will get more and more bandwidth to get high volume and more traffic on your website.
  • Scalability: If you want to start your website on big platform or you want to gain more and more visitors and traffic on your website then you should go with Best VPS hosting service. Because on other hand shared hosting is best for small kind of business or small startups. So if you want to make your website big and dynamic then choose VPS hosting is best for you.
  • Price: Price matter most when you going to choose best kind of hosting services. The price of shared hosting is much cheaper than VPS hosting and it is best for small and newly startup business but it is not worthy at all. The price of VPS hosting is high than the price of shared and it also worthy or more flexible for long running websites.


At the end the result is if you ever want to start or develop a small or new website then we suggest to you to go with shared hosting because it has a less price and it is also good for small scale websites. And on the other hand if you want to make your website big and dynamic then you should have to go with VPS hosting and use the best kind of server on your device.