Liquidweb VS Dreamhost VPS Hosting – Full Comparison

Liquidweb VS Dreamhost VPS Hosting – Full Comparison

May 29, 2020 0 By admin

Both DreamHost and Liquid Web are the major hosting providing companies and have a great market reputation for providing a budget-friendly and wide range of hosting plans. Comparing them is a little bit difficult because they both are excellent from each other in some features. But still for making your selection between DreamHost and Liquid Web VPS hosting, better we will take a look at the features offered by both and compare them to get our final winner. This comparison is unbiased it means our winner is really the best hosting provider between the two. We will discuss everything in detail to give you the best selection between these superb hosting companies. Here we will discuss their performance, features, pricing, security, usability, and customer service and decide the best out of them. So let’s get started.


Comparison between Liquidweb & Dreamhost VPS Hosting on the Basis of Performance

Dreamhost is famous for providing budget-friendly and quality hosting services with many additional products. Even they provide 100% server uptime promise to their users with an average record of 99.995% all the time which is really impressive and incredible. Even Dreamhost comes under the list of top 10 fastest web hosting companies that have an average page loading speed of 554 ms. this number is enough to make your user experience very fast and quick on your website. And having a faster web hosting provider is not only beneficial for good loading even it really affect your performance on google ranking improve your visitor’s experience on your website.

On the other hand, the Liquidweb hosting provider comes with an average page loading speed of 0.23 seconds, which is another good speed for a website. And it provides 100% server uptime so that you will never face any downtime with your website. But you have to pay more for getting such superior features from Liquidweb because it is a little bit costly than Dreamhost. That’s why on the basis of performance, Liquidweb is incredible and better than Dreamhost.

Comparison of Liquidweb & Dreamhost on the Basis of Price & features they offer

The starting plan of Dreamhost shared hosting plan cost you $7.95 per month and if you sign up for a longer period then surely you will get the best deal with them. Dreamhost also comes with Wordpress optimized hosting plan which costs you the same as a shared hosting plan which is $7.95 per month. Dreamhost offer VPS and dedicated web hosting service for the reasonable and affordable charges but keep in mind that their VPS and the dedicated plan is not unlimited. With their plan, you can host an unlimited number of domains on their server.

While you get Liquid web hosting VPS hosting plan for cheap as $59 per month. This is the starting price of the Liquidweb hosting plan. They allow it comes with the features to customize any plan according to client needs. So on the basis of price and feature, we can consider Dreamhost as the best budget-friendly and affordable hosting provider than Liquidweb. But when it comes to features, then Liquidweb is a better competitor than Dreamhost web hosting.


Security comparison of Dreamhost and Liquidweb web hosting companies

Dreamhost comes with basic security features for its users. Like spam filtering, basic virus protection, and a basic firewall, etc. even they also offer SSL/TLS certificates for free with their every single hosting plan. Plus they also offer domain privacy protection with their all hosting plan. Liquidweb Webhosting uses higher technology in its server for providing better hosting services to the users. Their servers are PCI compliant and have strong firewalls to provide better safety to the users. In addition to that, they have DDoS attack protection, VPNs, SSD and RAID protection and many more additional features to provide better safety and security to client privacy. But you have to pay more for getting these features because Liquid web safety is a little bit costly than Dreamhost safety products. But it is worth buying.

Usability comparison of Dreamhost and Liquid web VPS Webhosting

The usability of a web hosting company is the major factor behind its success and popularity. The most easily a Webhosting interface has, the more rated and popular it is. Liquid Web hosting offers cpanel for ease of use for Linux web hosting users. Cpanel is world trending and easy to use file management way which most people use. But with Dreamhost, you get their own control panel which is easy to use as well but not as popular as Cpanel. With the Dreamhost control panel, you can easily perform tasks like one-click installation, e-commerce shopping carts, and also run other useful scripts on your server. But still, the Liquid Web is considered as better option for usability than Dream host.