Inmotion VS Hostinger VPS Hosting – Full Comparison

Inmotion VS Hostinger VPS Hosting – Full Comparison

May 29, 2020 0 By admin

Webhosting is one of the most crucial factors for anyone when it comes to making a strong online presence in the digital world. Inmotion hosting and Hostinger Web hosting are few of the major names that come on the top when anyone thinks about the top brands in the web hosting market. If you are planning to pick a reputable and reliable VPS Web hosting Provider than Inmotion and Hostinger must come in your list. They are providing top-class web hosting service with great features and under great prices. To pick any one of them is a hard task to achieve as they both are best in their field. If you are also facing the same kind of situation and want to choose any one of them then this article is for you. Since they both are different and provides different features and services it’s not that easy to choose a clear cut winner between these two. But you can always compare different features and advantages of one over the other according to your website needs and requirement. By analyzing the different points that we are going to mention in this article you can make a decision figuring out which one will more suit your needs and best for your website requirements.


In this article, we will compare the different aspects of Inmotion and Hostinger like the Server uptime, customer support, price plans, and other different features of both web hosting brands.

Comparison between Pricing of Inmotion and Hostinger VPS Hosting

For anyone who wanted to get started in the online world, web hosting price is one of the key factors for choosing any brand over another. This is also the case with Inmotion and Hostinger VPS hosting. Undoubtedly both of them are the best in Providing Virtual Private Hosting Service but what makes them different on the first point is their web hosting plans. Like every Web hosting Company where every type of web hosting plan has different prices and shared web hosting is one of the cheapest among them. But when we talk about Virtual Private Web hosting of Inmotion and Hostinger we can see the difference between both of them. Hostinger’s VPS Web hosting basic plan starts with just $3.95 per month in which users get 1vCPU, 1 GB of RAM Usage, 20 GB of Storage Space, and 1000 GB of Bandwidth storage. If your requirements are high and need more you can always opt for higher plans in which you will get much more hardware and resources and need not to say for that you also have to pay a higher price. Hostinger’s VPS hosting price ranges from 3.95$ to 29.95 $ per month.

On the other hand, InMotion’s VPS web hosting plans start from 29.99 $ per month. In which you can either choose Managed VPS Hosting or Self-Managed Cloud VPS hosting. Both of them have different features and good for different needs of different users.

Comparison between Server Speed and Server Uptime

The second point for anyone after price comparison between Web hosting companies is Server Speed and Web Server Uptime. These are the two most crucial factors by which both the website owner and online users affect directly. Web Server uptime is the time for which the servers are up online and running doing their work properly. While the speed factor indicated in how much time a website is loading completely in anyone’s device whether its mobile or laptop or desktop. If any web server is providing very low or average speed than the online users of any website that is hosted on that webserver will face serious issues in completely loading that website. And it is also a fact that in this fast-paced world no one likes to wait if any webpage or website takes a longer time to load the users will leave and move out for a better, fast website. If this happens the owner of the website surely loses a lot of customer and website traffic. Both Inmotion and Hostinger are good and provide great uptime and server speed better than most of other Web hosting Providers. But in our test Hostinger comes on top because they provide 99.9% server uptime and blazing fast speed which more than enough to beat Inmotion VPS web hosting.

Comparison of HostGator & Inmotion web hosting based on Ease to use and Money Back Guarantee

Hostgator and Inmotion both come with Cpanel web hosting and you can also use other services like Joomla, Drupal, etc with their web hosting. Cpanel web hosting is generally very easy and features like one-click installation make it super easy to use. But when we talk about the trust factor, a money-back guarantee is one point that helps the different customers to trust in any Company. Hostinger offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee service while Inmotion web hosting provide 90-day money-back guarantee.