How Do You Manage Sites on a VPS Hosting Plan?

How Do You Manage Sites on a VPS Hosting Plan?

May 28, 2020 0 By admin

Have you used a VPS (Virtual Private Server) , If your website creating problem like loading for long time, showing bandwidth limit reached in shared web hosting plans then you should ready for the upgradation  of your website to a Virtual Private Server. Virtual Private Server is one of the best solutions to any type of hosting needs. It will give you scalability, flexibility and economical hosting solution with a higher performance. Before selecting a VPS you should know what are the configurations will be needed for your website for a best performance. Almost every company have VPS hosting plans with various configurations and cost, so choose wisely according to your need and budget. Here you learn that how you can manage sites on VPS? There are two type of VPS hosting available in market. Unmanaged VPS and Managed VPS. Managed VPS are slightly costly as you will get expert services to manage your website on the server.

Manage Sites on a VPS Hosting Plan

Unmanaged VPS

To work with Unmanaged VPS you have to face lot of responsibilities. Unmanaged VPS is just like a raw hosting server with nothing installed on it. To work with Unmanaged VPS you should know how to install applications to successfully run your website. However it is best for the developers as they know what they are doing and how to run the server efficiently according to the requirement. Developer has their own software’s to manage server and work with their environment. Unmanaged VPS provide root access to the server once you able to install software to run it successfully. You have full authority to install software’s which are beneficial to you and security. For a developer, Managed VPS options are fall short as Managed VPS panel are based on essential functionality.  

How to Manage Your Own VPS

To Manage your own VPS you should know how to use primary Control Panel of a Host. This is primary gateway to administrate your server. With root access to your host, you have the power and fully controlled system to manage your important data and information.  For example, if you are choosing a A2 Hosting, then you will get SolusVM as a primary component of control panel. Now you have complete choice to install their choice of operating software and applications. Through the primary Panel you will be able to shut down and reboot your server in difficult situations. In this panel you have access to RAM, Space and bandwith.

One of the other important task is to manage your  Domain Name System (DNS) Server. A Server should point to right DNS so that your website work otherwise there is an error. You can Take Domain and Server to the same account or you have choose different companies.  In unmanaged VPS you have choice to create on name server and bind the DNS to the VP server.

In unmanaged server you have options to install the Software Applications You’ll Need. It is very important features for the developers as they have lot of functionality to be added and make full use of it. Now you have read important freatures of Unmanaged VPS but for newcomers in web hosting field you have to go with managed VPS so that you have easily handle your web projects. Let us check Manages VPS too.

Managed VPS


Managed VPS comes with managed server and maintenance. The server host is responsible for to all the software’s required to run a site efficiently. You will get a Custom control Panel for your website updation and handling. Although all the security, updation and maintenance handled by the host server company. If you have no experience in handling a server then you has to choose a Managed Best Virtual Private Server so that you can easily handle your web projects without worrying of security and Maintenance.  C Panel have very easy to use options and you will be easily managed server files, databases, ssl etc. You easily understand  CPanel  features in few minutes .

Let us check few features of Manged VPS generally a host will provide

  1. Security , Server Managed Performance and Maintenance.
  2. Host Custom Contol Panel for quick and easy control
  3. Unhindered performance with your own server resources.
  4. Scalable RAM & storage
  5. Scalable or unlimited bandwidth & traffic.
  6. Domains, SSDs, emais, SSL etc.
  7. Regular updates and vulnerability patches
  8. Timely Offsite server backups
  9. Hardware and software issue resolution
  10. Malware scans etc