Hostgator VS Ipage VPS Hosting – A Detailed Comparison

Hostgator VS Ipage VPS Hosting – A Detailed Comparison

May 28, 2020 Off By admin

When it comes to the hosting industry, Hostgator & iPage are 2 major candidates who are available at a great position in the hosting industry. Both Hostgator & ipage build their market reputation for different superb features and trust. And selecting one of them is really tough. In this article, we will compare them and decide the best one of them. Both Hostgator & ipage comes with many incredible features, which make the perfect impression on their users. With our unbiased comparison, you can definitely decide the best hosting provide between Hostgator & iPage. One interesting fact which is common in both HostGator and iPage website hosting providers is that both companies are own by Endurance International Group. But still, there are some facts, which make them differ from each other as Hostgator comes with a wide range of different hosting plans like cloud hosting and reseller hosting while you do not get such huge hosting plans option in ipage Webhosting.

Additional Free gifts offer by HostGator & iPage hosting

With ipage hosting, you get your desirable hosting plan for affordable and decent charges. That’s why ipage is known as the best hosting provider which suits every budget needs. The starting hosting plan of ipage costs you $1.99 per month which is one of the cheapest plans and better than many other hosting providers. In this plan you get some costly and expensive gifts for free of cost which makes this plan better, you get free gifts like one-year domain registration for free, and for keeping your website safe it also offers free SSL certification. On the other hand, you have to pay higher than ipage Webhosting for selecting the starting hosting plan offered by Hostgator.

Comparison of HostGator vs iPage Webhosting on the basis of Speed and server uptime

The speed of a website depends a lot on the performance of its hosting provider. That’s why both HostGator & iPage Webhosting provider comes with an impressive performance of speed and uptime. But still, on testing the performance of speed and uptime of HostGator & iPage we conclude that, the loading speed and server response time of the Hostgator website is a little bit better than ipage Webhosting. While the server uptime of both hosting service providers is almost the same. This test is done on different locations that are why we are fully sure that in comparison to the speed and loading speed of the server, the Hostgator is a little bit a better option than ipage Webhosting.

Comparison of HostGator & iPage web hosting on the basis of Ease to use

Hostgator offers different hosting plans and all the hosting plans come with Cpanel features to make your files managed easily. Even they also come with one-click installation features for many software which you may need for your website. While you do not get any Cpanel feature with iPage web hosting instead they come with their own control panel which is known as vDeck. It is a fully customized dashboard to manage your files. But if you love to manage your files with Cpanel just like other millions of users, then using the deck may be a little bit difficult for you. Because vDeck is not as easy as Cpanel. But you can make a professional-looking website easily with both manage panels with both hosting companies. So on the basis of ease to use, Hostgator can be our winner, through which you get easily managed your files on your server.

Features difference offer by HostGator & iPage

For making your website more impressive and improving its performance, you need some features and with the HostGator, you will get every single feature that you need. Like you get a website builder to build a professional-looking website, the one-click auto-installer for installing applications easily, SEO tools to improve your SERP ranking & a perfect backup solution to keep your website safe from attacks and losses. Even with Hostgator you also get 45 days trial period to test Hostgator Webhosting for enough time period while ipage comes with only 30 days trial period to test its hosting plan and features. In short, you will never face any kind of risk with HostGator Webhosting.

While when it comes to iPage Webhosting Company, then ipage comes with only 1 shared hosting plan with unlimited website hosting features. iPage Coupons helps you to save some money on iPage VPS hosting. But with the Hostgator, if you want to get the feature of host unlimited website then you have to pay great money for it. Ipage also offers you the needed features and free domain names for one whole year. On this basis, we can consider iPage Webhosting as the winner when it comes to features.

Price comparison of HostGator & iPage web hosting plans

Price is one of the major factors which affects the choice of a user. That’s why most of the top hosting companies will try to offer premium features for affordable and reasonable prices. Both HostGator & iPage comes under the list of the affordable and cheapest hosting company on the internet. Let’s take a look at their hosting plan prices.

  1. Hostgator charges you $2.78 per month for a shared hosting plan while you have to pay $1.99 per month for a shared hosting plan of ipage Webhosting.
  2. The WordPress hosting plan offered by Hostgator may cost you $5.95 per month while you have to pay $3.75 per month for getting a WordPress hosting plan by ipage.
  3. Cloud hosting price by HostGator costs you $4.95 per month while ipage does not offer any cloud and reseller hosting plan to their users.
  4. VPS hosting plan by Hostgator cost you $19.95 per month while ipage charge you $19.99 per month for Best VPS hosting plans.
  5. The dedicated hosting plan of Hostgator price is $119 per month while ipage charge a little bit more for a dedicated plan which cost is $199.99 per month.

On this price comparison between HostGator & iPage, ipage is the real winner that offers the cheapest hosting service. In the end, we can conclude that for speed and reliability Hostgator is a better performer while when it comes to price and hosting feature ipage is incredible.