GreenGeeks VPS Hosting Plan Perfect Hosting Solution for your Website

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting Plan Perfect Hosting Solution for your Website

May 27, 2020 Off By admin

If you have a medium or big sized website to manage and you are looking for the perfect hosting plan which will complete all your website needs and give you the best support. Then GreenGeeks VPS Hosting is best options available for you. VPS hosting is a plan in which a small part with the restriction of a huge server will assign you. You have your own power to do anything on the part of the server which you have. It is more powerful, dynamic, and best for medium to large-sized websites. VPS hosting plan is also known as virtual private server hosting and in comparison to shared hosting it has much more impressive features. In GreenGeeks VPS Hosting a part of the server will assign for your website and no one can use that part of the server without your permission.

Choose Better Hosting Plan for your Website with GreenGeeks

Not like a shared hosting plan, you get the best support and speed with VPS hosting plans. Even in some cases GreenGeeks VPS Hosting plan is also better than dedicated hosting of any hosting company. With a Virtual price server hosting plan, they also allow you to access the root directory & installed any software which you need. They provide a flexible plan according to your needs. As with the VPS hosting plan, you feel like you run your website in a dedicated server and get incredible features and support from GreenGeeks. Shared hosting has one major disadvantage which is anyone can use space without any limit because of which if your server hosted a huge space, then automatically your website will affect from it and you get less speed. While another bad effect of hosting your website on a shared plan is that whenever a site is effected from the virus on your shared server, then your website can be affected too. But with the VPS hosting plan, you become completely free from such kind of issues.


Host your Website on Reliable hosting platform

GreenGeeks is well known and reputed hosting providing company which is famous for providing eco-friendly hosting plans with adorable prices and decent features. Even all hosting plans have enough features and to provide a better experience to the users than any hosting company. When it comes to VPS hosting plan offered by GreenGeeks, then it is really impressive. Because the GreenGeeks VPS Hosting Plan is one of the all-time favorite hosting plans for many websites. And the reason is simple, it is affordable and incredible. GreenGeeks is another name of the fastest, reliable & scalable VPS hosting provider in the hosting industry. GreenGeeks offers 3 VPS hosting plans for their users and in all the plans you get different prices, features, and offers.

Let take a look at different VPS hosting plans offer by GreenGeeks

  1. With first VPS plan of GreenGeeks is famous for fast and affordable hosting service and in this plan you get 2GB ram for only $39.95 per month. And it comes with a monthly billing feature. Additional features that you get in this VPS plan of GreenGeeks are 4 vCPU, 50 GB SSD Disk Space, 10 TB Transfer, cPanel Included, Free SSL Certificate, Free Website Transfer, GreenGeeks Managed Support and the best which is common in all plan 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
  2. THE second VPS plan of GreenGeeks is the famous and most popular VPS plan offered by GreenGeeks. Even it is the most selling Managed VPS plan by GreenGeeks. That’s why it comes with the tag of the Best Value on it. If you choose this plan, then it may cost you around $59.95 per month and you have to pay monthly. In this plan you get features like 4 vCPU, 75 GB SSD Disk Space, 10 TB Transfer, cPanel Included, Free SSL Certificate, Free Website Transfer, GreenGeeks Managed Support & 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
  3. The last and best VPS plan for Big Sized Website offered by GreenGeeks is famous more provide high powered managed VPS service. This plan costs you $109.95 per month with monthly billing. It comes with 6 vCPU, 150 GB SSD Disk Space, 10 TB Transfer, cPanel Included, Free SSL Certificate, Free Website Transfer, GreenGeeks Managed Support, and 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Because of these huge and impressive features, it is known as the best VPS hosting plan for Large Size Websites that have tons of traffic.
VPS hosting plans offer by GreenGeeks

Additional incredible features offer by GreenGeeks

As there are many hosting companies available which offer you a VPS plan but with GreenGeeks especially, you get some impressive and supportive features that you not found anywhere else. Some most popular and best features which you get with GreenGeeks VPS hosting plan are: –

  1. Quick Provisioning: – as soon as you placed your VPS hosting offer, the team of GreenGeeks will make your dashboard ready within some minutes. You don’t need to wait for hours to operate your website in your new hosting company. They were already update latest features for your perfect experience.
  2. VPS Management Portal: – VPS hosting plan of GreenGeeks comes with a VPS management portal. With these features, you can control all your website files through one greengeeks account easily. It makes it easy for you to DNS management, start/stop/restart/re-install a breeze, and many more.
  3. Best support for the customers: – support is always the best factor behind the success of any company. That’s why GreenGeeks comes with 24/7/365 support facility. Their technical experts will always available to help you and make your problem solved.
  4. Free cPanel Migrations: – if you already have VPS hosting plan on any other hosting provider, then GreenGeeks offers you the facility to switch your VPS host free of cost. Their team will migrate your account from your current host to Greengeeks for free of cost.
  5. Advanced Security: – with GreenGeeks VPS hosting plan, your website will always be safe and secure from any type of attack and threats. Even it provides you 24/7 real-time protection and monitoring.
  6. 99.9% Service Uptime: – because of their great and quality data centers, you will get all-time great server uptime and never face any downtime with your website.