Difference in shared web hosting, VPS web hosting and dedicated web hosting

Difference in shared web hosting, VPS web hosting and dedicated web hosting

May 28, 2020 0 By admin

  As we know that web hosting is a big part of a website in which you will get several resources and server on which you can run your website and increase the efficiency of your website. Here we are going to tell you about the most reliable and good web hosting plans and services which is best in their work.  In this post we are talking about three kinds of different web hosting plans which is best and show you how shared, VPS and dedicated web hosting are different from each other.

  • Shared web hosting: It is a hosting in which you have to share all the resources with other users at that time. In this all the users get equal share of server that they use. This include CPU time, RAM, storage. You can use the resources beyond of your maximum allowed. In shared hosting if any server will harm your website then other server is ready to help you and save your device to fall down of it.
  • In shared web hosting you can make a customization of your website because you have a limited resources but in this because you have only limited resources so you don’t customized it as per your needs of resources. You have to go through as many resources as you have
  • In shared hosting there is a security level but there is no guarantee of security. It is because in this you have to share all the resources with other users so if one user will fall down it will give impact on all the users and security.
  • Shared hosting is usually main for small business and newly startup, so if you want to start or develop your new online business with website then you can choose shared hosting. It is also a cheapest web hosting services which you can afford very easily.

Here are some information about shared web hosting and in the next para you will get to know how VPS hosting is best from shared hosting.


VPS hosting in brief

Hosting is important because it give some space or storage which every website want to run fast. VPS hosting is a best and most reliable hosting services around the world. Which provide a complete set of resources for used but you have to use in a shared environment.

  • In VPS which means Virtual private server hosting you will get full and complete set of resources but you can also install many other software or application for give a huge access or reliability to your website.
  • VPS hosting provide a set of resources so that you can used as like you want. With the help of VPS hosting you can make or customized your site as according to you because you have to use all the resources which you get.
  • The level of security and privacy is best in VPS hosting because in this you have to share all your resources with only the users of VPS servers. So that it means every user will have their own best and high level of security.
  • VPS hosting server is best from shared in performance because VPS provide more and high level of Bandwidth to obtain high level of volume and traffic. The price of VPS is actually high from shared but the use of VPS in making your website big and dynamic is best for you.

How dedicated web hosting is different from shared and VPS web hosting?

In dedicated web hosting the only server which you have not shared by any user. It means any kind of resources you will get in dedicated hosting is used by only your side. There is no other user or person will have to be shred this server.

  • In dedicated hosting you will run and do your work as just like you want. It is your decision to be shared your resources with any user or not.
  • In dedicated it means only your website is hosted on this server no other website you will host in this server.
  • If your website seems like to gaining huge traffic then it is a good time for you to upgrade your website on the dedicated server.
  • The performance of dedicated web hosting is highly great amongst shared or VPS hosting  because only a single or particular website is host on this server and all their resources is used by your side only.

This is how that dedicated web hosting is good and different from shared and VPS hosting. The choice is always yours that which kind of web hosting services is good for your website. You can choose ad buy any from this.