Meaning of Virtual private server hosting (VPS) and Cloud hosting

Meaning of Virtual private server hosting (VPS) and Cloud hosting

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When any person want to run fast of his website and gain a good access they always going for VPS hosting. VPS Hosting stand for Virtual private server it means this is a server which is only yours, it means you have a proper right to use this server and run your website or project as like you want.  VPS server gives a set amount of resources to you which you don’t have to be share with any person.  It is a server which is dedicated only for you and work for you. On the other hand the meaning of cloud hosting is that in which there are resources which are spread out in between the different number of shareholders. In these each and every person will have their own dedicated server which they can used for their work.

Cloud hosting server is always secured by different persons who always wants to run their premises or interrupt their services. In this you will only pay for what you use that’s why this server also called as economical. If you ever want to purchase any of this server with an affordable rates then you can purchase from our store. The company provide some best deals and offers for buying this server. You can save a lot of your bucks with the help of this coupons and codes.


Major differences between VPS hosting and cloud hosting

Virtual private server:

  • This server give complete freedom for using storage, so that you can install and access any kind of software you need.
  • This server is never depend of gaining traffic. In this you have your own dedicated server and resources so you have to doing all this.
  • The price of VPS server is cheaper than the price of cloud hosting server.
  • In these you will get a complete security of your hosting because in this you have your own storage or resources.
  • In this you can pay for the complete server.

Cloud Hosting:

  • Cloud hosting not give complete freedom of resources, so it give resources to different person who use their equal share or storage on this server.
  • Cloud hosting virtually connect different types of multiple network on one server and it is most reliable and flexible for use.
  • The price of this server hosting is expensive than the price of VPS server.
  • In this because it maintain different servers so that you can do your work as according to you and in real time.
  • In this you can pay for what you use.

This are some of the Differences between VPS hosting and cloud hosting which are important for you if you want to buy any of this server.  Both the hosting server are best in their work and in the next heading of this post you might be get to know which server is more better for choose.

differences between VPS hosting and cloud hosting

Choosing which server is best for you? VPS hosting VS Cloud Hosting

Actually VPS server is made for basically for those people who wants to host just a website. It means VPS server is not good if your website might be fails due to heavy traffic or technical problems. On the other hand if you want to use reliable server then choosing cloud hosting is right option for you. There is many reason behind this. As we know that in cloud hosting there are many multiple server are there so if your website fall down because of one server then there is other server to take it up and increase its traffic.  So it’s a server falls any time the other servers are there to take all the work of that server. Demand of cloud hosting also high because it is more efficient ad we compare to Best VPS hosting.  The market also shows that cloud hosting is best and affordable too.  You can buy this hosting server in the best price as you want.  So from our side we always suggest you to choose cloud hosting is best for you.


At the end we get a perfect conclusion of both of this hosting server that which is best for you. VPS hosting is also good but it is only good for hosting a website and cloud hosting is highly recommended for any gain any kind of traffic and ready to face any kind of problem.