A2 VPS Hosting the best value for money – A Detailed Review

A2 VPS Hosting the best value for money – A Detailed Review

June 4, 2020 Off By teamcsh

Choosing a VPS hosting that provides management level services is the best option for all those websites, which are growing rapidly. Actually, many people do recommend shared web hosting for new websites. But if your website is growing faster then shared web hosting is not able to handle the website for sure. To handle this situation and get a smooth performing servers, A2 VPS hosting is the best choice for all types of users. Whether it’s a matter of security, scalability, reliability, or performance, A2 VPS web hosting is better than shared web hosting.


What does VPS Hosting Meaning?

VPS(Virtual Private Server) hosting refers to that server that acts virtually and does not have a physical identity. Unlike other types of the server where the physical device is available, in this hosting all things handle with virtually and do not need any physical device.

Available Plans and Features of A2 VPS Hosting For the Users

A2 hosting company deals with three different types of VPS hostings that also have their subcategories. Unmanaged VPS, Managed VPS, and Core VPS are all the three different types of VPS web hosting that can a user obtain as per the requirement. The most important thing about these types, all of them are different from each other by the features, cost, and some other things. Here are some main features and price comparison of this 3 different A2 VPS Hosting plans:

1.   Unmanaged VPS

As per the name, this VPS hosting type does not manage by the experts. So, the users have to manage all the things like storage, setting, security, and some other by itself. It is the most affordable VPS hosting plan for the A2 hosting company. By paying a small amount of just $5 monthly, the user can claim the best VPS features which are as below:

  • Root Access of the Server
  • Option to choose a Linux OS
  • Unmanaged Features
  • Unmanaged VPS Resources

2.   Managed VPS

A2 Managed VPS hosting is good for those users who don’t have much experience to handle servers. All the things are managed by the team of experts, which is beneficial for the beginners. Managed VPS hosting plans start from just $25 monthly with a big discount of 50% off. Also, it consists of some important features of the VPS hosting that make it worth money.

  • Free Cpanel
  • Full HostGuarad Management
  • HostGuarad Management Feature
  • Managed VPS Resources

3.   Core VPS

For those users who want the full access of their servers but can not afford dedicated servers, Core VPS plans are best. After purchasing this plan, the user gets full access to the root and all the settings of the servers. It’s also available for the users at just $25 monthly with a big discount of up to 50% and provides some important features:

  • Root Access
  • Free Cpanel
  • Full HostGuarad Management
  • HostGuarad Management Feature
  • Managed VPS Resources


Why Choose A2 VPS Hosting Plans Over other hostings?

Apart from being affordable, A2 VPS hosting provide some beneficial features too. Whether its a matter of beginner or expert, all of them can get the best features that helps them to boost their website performance. Here are some of the important features of A2 VPS hosting plans:

1.   More Power and Support

There’s no doubt that A2 VPS Hosting is more powerful than shared hosting and provide higher support that affects the growth of the website. This type of power and support is not possible with shared web hosting.

2.   Full Control Over Server

The users get full control over the servers when they choose VPS hosting rather than shared hosting. Where you can’t get the exact control like dedicated hosting but more than shared hosting.

3.   More Secure than Shared Hosting

Where in shared web hosting, many different websites hosted under the same server that creates the possibility of hacking attempts. VPS hosting is very secure for all the cyber attacks that performed over a website.

4.   20x Faster Servers

A2 VPS Web hosting has powerful and blazing servers that can perform any task 20x more speed compared to most servers.

5.   SSD VPS Hosting Service

Unlike many other traditional server plans, the users get SSD storage features into the A2 VPS hosting plan. This feature boosts the performance of the website and your website does not face any problem.

6.   99.9% Uptime Guarantee

The company also provides a maximum of 99.9% uptime guarantee to the users that make sure a website is available for the users almost every time.

7.   24/7/365 Customer Support

A2 VPS web hosting also comes with the expert teams that are available 24/7.365 to solve the user’s query. Using various methods a user can claim the support without facing any problem.

8.   Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Whether many hosting companies only offer a limited time period money-back guarantee to the users. A2 hosting offers an anytime money-back guarantee to all the users if they face any issue related to hosting that the technical team is unable to handle.